Cherish the memories of this most important of days for ever. Here at 3rd Lens we will produce a video that you will want to return to again and again over the years to relive the magical moments of the day.

Every wedding is approached in a unique and bespoke way aimed at making sure the style of the wedding is shown in how the video looks and feels.


Here is how we help you to define your audience and message


At the first meeting, we get together to determine the details of the video you need to have produced. Here we take as much information as possible to help identify what message you want to present, who you want to present it to, and how you want to express this message.This gives us an opportunity to present ideas and a quote in time for the next meeting, although we like to give a ball park figure at this point to give you some idea of what to expect. If no further planning is required, we move straight to step 3.


At this point, we present you with a proposed script and quote to discuss with you. We will have confirmed what logistics are needed to get the production done, and as well as getting an agreement on going forward with the proposed project we can discuss those details here.   As well as a complete script and where necessary a story board, we will have a comprehensive shoot plan to coordinate any other elements we need to such as actors, locations, availability times, equipment etc.


The fun part! We produce the video required before going into post production


In post production, as well as doing the basic edit for the project, we also add on any additional material, such as graphics etc, which should have been arranged prior to this during planning for the project.


After the first draft, we can give up to 2 extra revisions on the draft so that we can get exactly what you are looking for in the final cut. Typically we will send via file transfer a version for you to see and comment on if we are not meeting face to face.


Your video will then be available to pick up through various ways depending on your preference. -Most often, it’s presented as full HD 1080p MP4. It can be provided soft or hard copy.


Should you wish to have the video/s put into several different places online let us know which sites you want it to feature on, and we can take care of the rest!

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