Corporate Video Production Milton Keynes

Corporate Video & Animation Production in Milton Keynes

3rdlens is a new breed of production company – a scalable, multi-disciplinary creative hub that works across all formats and media channels.


Our Production Process


Consultation & Information Gathering- The first stage of our video production process is very important; clearly defining requirements and objective of the video. To get the best product it’s top priority for us to share with the client an in-depth understanding of the aims and purpose of the video. Our initial focus is on examining the envisioned outcomes

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The filming happens here. This process will capture all the scenes and content required for the shoot. During the production process we apply the lighting, sound, stage rigging, and work on compositions. Some projects will include the B-Roll during the production process. B-Roll is supplementary or behind the scene footage that can be included in the finished product.

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The Off-line Edit- Here all the video content and elements such as photos, narration, animation, and music are brought together and assembled into a full version of the video. The off-line edit is presented to the client for review and feedback.

The On-line Edit- After the ‘off-line’ edit has been approved the process moves into the ‘online’ stage (or final cut) in which all the approved elements are set in stone. This is the final review stage.

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Mastering & Delivery

This involves mastering and exporting the finished video. Our films are of the highest video standards and optimised for online distribution, TV broadcast, Projection, Blu-ray, mobile, or tablet. In addition to the video itself the process also generates other deliverables, including;

  • Still images, extracted from the 4K video.
  • Broadcast quality HD video rushes
  • Transcript of the video for SEO and subtitles
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Online Distribution & Analysis

We help our clients to develop and implement their marketing strategies for their videos and we make sure that they are viewed by the right people. We use a wide range of media channels, social networks and real time analytics to ensure that your videos reach their intended audience and deliver an excellent ROI. We make effective use of keywords and have your videos displayed so that they will get noticed in all the right places. We also monitor and analyse the video performance in real time, tracking who watches the videos, where and for how long.

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How Can The Power Of Video Help Your Brand?

See how we can increase your ROI with effective video marketing campaigns. Call Us: 07734 910 839


• Increase YouTube Authority and effectiveness.
• Turn YouTube and Patreon channel into a direct sales generator.
• Cut advertising costs with YouTube TrueView advertising.
• Produce and consult on the production of results-driven videos.
• Consult on on-going video marketing campaigns.
• Produce video testimonials
• Increase their ROI with video content
• Make video productions optimised for mobile
• Improve social media presence with video content
• Produce specialist aerial photography
• Develop and implement on-going video marketing campaigns
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