Finding the right video production crew

finding the right video production crew

Finding the right video production crew for your video production project can be a daunting task for anyone working in marketing. With so many video production companies out there trying to get your attention making sure you pick the best crew is critical. So we have put together a list of things to look out for when searching for the right team.

Tip1: Be very specific – For example if you are planning a music event in London, don’t just search for video production companies in London, because google will bring mainly the large video production companies who cater for all aspect of videography.  This makes it harder for you to find the specialist who will usually be a small company but with more expertise that meet your requirements. They usually offer a better price and sometimes even better production value than the big production companies. In this scenario we recommend googling; “professional music event video crew in Camden” This will return results with companies that specialise in music event production in the Camden are. Most these companies will have the resources and production kit available so your cost is significantly less. Your travel expenses will be less and the video crew will most likely have a good knowledge of the best locations in that area

TIP 2: Check their work. Ask them if they have produced anything similar to what you’re looking for. Make sure the work you are shown is recent. Don’t accept videos older than a few years. A team that no longer exist most likely produced it.

TIP 3: Make it clear to the production manager where you want to display your video and why you need it.

TIP4: Specify your timeline, your production company will be more prepared if they know exactly when you expect to launch the video. They can properly cater for your project and make sure they have the resources available.

TIP 5: Specify your budget. Tell them exactly how much you plan to spend per video and if you required video marketing let them know your budget for the whole project. If you have a budget of £12,000 tell them, your budget is £10k that way you are not overcharged and you are left with an extra £2k for any add-ons you may require once the project starts. I say this because some video production companies will charge you for extras once the project starts. This makes it hard to say no since they have already started doing most of the work. Tell them that this is your budget limit and the totality of all services provided must cover the £10k

If you still having difficulties finding the ideal production company you can just contact us. We are a multi-disciplined media agency and we specialise in Adverts, Events, and Corporate video productions. If we cant help we will be happy to recommend a suitable video production company for you.

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