Music Video Production – What to look for; tips/advice

  • When considering how to do your music video, we say being unique is the key to being as effective as possible.  It’s good to know what’s being done, so see what everyone else is doing, study it, and then completely forget it and come up with something that’s yours. You’ll be surprised what you could achieve with a small budget and the right film companies are very resourceful.
  • A good way to make a music video flow is to make it cut to different scenes in time with the beat of the track. If you’re involved in producing your own videos, this simple videography trick works wonders.
  • Most of the time (there are always exceptions), it helps to have an identifiable theme running through your media outlets. Say for example, colour scheme should show up the same on websites, leaflets, merchandise, logos etc. to give a distinctive signature which you can change around whenever you like.
  • Know who your audience is. When you have an idea of who your music is aimed at, make sure that you are addressing them in your marketing.
  • You get what you pay for, generally but there are companies out there that can do very well without breaking the bank.
  • Know the law and your rights. – Your music is your intellectual property and it is important to know how to protect it, and what the law says about it.
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