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Scripted video production are one off individual videos that require scripting and storyboard. This is created after 2 meetings where we identify the key aims of the project i.e. what message you are trying to convey, why you want to say it, and who you want to reach in order to help you communicate your message as effectively as possible.

Production limits for a scripted project are for 1 person to do up to 2 hours filming, and 6 hours editing, with additional expenses (such as actors, props, locations etc.) to be arranged and agreed on before getting started.

We will also share the video on all relevant social media platforms you wish to appear on.

[lab_pricing_table purchase_link=”|title:See%20How||” plan_price=”TESTIMONIAL VIDEO” plan_description=”From £1000″ plan_features=”• Pre–production meeting
• On-site filming
• One video produced” header_background_color=”#6b2293″]
[lab_pricing_table purchase_link=”|title:See%20How||” plan_price=”SCRIPTED VIDEO” plan_description=”From £1500″ plan_features=”• One video produced
• On-site filming
• Full scripting and storyboard
• One video produced
• Video uploaded to social media” header_background_color=”#6b2293″]
[lab_pricing_table purchase_link=”|title:See%20How||” plan_price=”PREMIUM VIDEO” plan_description=”From £5000″ plan_features=”• Up to 4 videos per year
• On-site & Studio filming
• Media planning
• Analytics reporting
• Video transcription
• Custom YouTubeVimeo channel” title_text_color=”#d8d8d8″ header_background_color=”#6b2293″]
[lab_pricing_table purchase_link=”|title:See%20How||” plan_price=”TV AD CAMPAIGN” plan_description=”From £30k” plan_features=”• Bespoke 1 year tv broadcast campaign
• Social Media Marketing
• Video transcriptions
• Video Content Development
• Media Planning
• Analytics reporting
” header_background_color=”#6b2293″]
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